Cleric laments high crime rate

As the nation enters into ’ember months, a Catholic priest, Fr. Franklyn Mirikwe, has lamented the high rate of killings, cultism, rape, kidnapping, armed robbery, extremism and terrorism and admonished those who indulge in such heinous crimes to desist or face the wrath of God.
Fr. Mirikwe of Christ the King Catholic Church Oru Ahiara in Ahiazu Mbaise LGA , Imo State, was delivering a homily during a Eucharistic Mass in the parish.
He underlined the fact that life is sacrosant and that nobody has right to take that of another.
Fr. Mirikwe also called on those in positions of authority not to fan the embers of discord but to see themselves as shepherds of flocks and bridge-builders, and shun clannishness, ethnicity, religious and political divide, dichotomy, nepotism and despotism.
Preaching on the topic, “Rejoice for you have been freed,” the clergyman said that God is merciful and supreme and is ready to liberate the captives. He enjoined the children of God not to fear but trust in God Almighty who fights for the downtrodden, oppressed and captives.
Continuing, he said: ”Do not judge. Do not discriminate Do not look down on another. Do not hate one another. Ask for God’s forgiveness, look on to God at all times, God loves the poor and the lowly and raise them to enviable heights. Rejoice when you are humiliated by others for your honour is in heaven. Jesus came that the blind shall see, the lame shall walk, the dumb shall speak and those in bondage shall be set free. You may be faced with difficulties today but God will surely see you through. Jesus said, I am the light, he who abides in me will not be in darkness.”

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