INEC should intensify voter education now!

If the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) keeps to its earlier announced time table for the commencement of the 2019 general elections, it means we have about four months left to get ready.
With the political parties virtually completing their primaries, the next crucial assignment for both the political parties and INEC is to intensify voter education.
The electorate need a very thorough knowledge of the process of voting.
The confusion and unnecessary stoking of violence by some urchings  at the polling booths are often traceable to sheer ignorance of what to do as they appear before the polling officer.
Indeed the search for their names on the lists that are on display on the notice board makes some semi-literate people  look befuddled.
But if they encounter patient polling clerks who will help them out and they are given the ballot paper after having their thumbs smeared with indelible ink, choosing a candidate becomes a nightmare.
Invariably they end up thumb-printing anyhow; at times between party logos and thus rendering their ballot void.
All these can be prevented if the electoral umpire, INEC, would do what is required of it by going out to really TEACH the electorate the nitty gritty of casting votes.
They should use their appropriated fund to do so, using samples of ballots and simulating the entire process of what happens when a potential voter shows up at the polling booth.
The political parties should also complement INEC’s efforts by mobilizing their members and supporters to places INEC chooses to do the enlightenment programmes.
At party meetings, both officers and non-officers should be shown the process of voting. It should not be taken for granted.  The people should know.
The last convention of the PDP where only delegates participated revealed as many as 68 voided ballots indicating that even at such a level, there could be found men and women who did not know what voting entails.
INEC should buck up and use their approved vote to teach the citizens how to vote.

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