Bishop rains curses on troublemakers in 2019 polls

As the country prepares for the  general elections in Nigeria in 2019,the Bishop of Methodist Church Nigeria, Diocese of Abakaliki, Rt. Rev. Lawson Elom at the weekend said that God will bring calamity to any aspirant that will cause crisis during the electoral activities.
Elom made this known to journalists in Abakaliki shortly after the thanksgiving of corps members that took place at the Cathedral of Holy Trinity Abakaliki, capital of Ebonyi state.
He warned corps members to reject any bribe that politicians will offer them with the intention of rigging the 2019 general election in the country.
He said: “Over the years, there have been elections but at the end of it, somebody had to die. Abiola died even when the election was said to be free and fair. There is still no doubt that some people will still die in the election that is coming forth. In 2015 election some people died, upon all the effort made by the former President Jonathan to make sure that such thing do not happen.
“He tried to make sure that no crisis but unfortunately some people still died during the election. It is always a common thing. People predicted that the 2019 general election is going to be war. Sometimes, some of us felt it but when we had it directly from God, that He will intervene in Nigeria’s case. Election will come and go and we believe that there will be no war.
“Whoever that will course war again in this nation, God will not be happy and He will eliminate such aspirant. God Himself will do the elimination. No one will course war again in this nation and go free. 2019 Election is going to be free and fair. People shouldn’t entertain any fear concerning the election. God is already handling the case of Nigeria.
“I urge that People should come out on the election day and vote for their preferred candidates. We are going to vote in a credible candidate starting from the President to other elective positions.
“Youth Corpers should know that they are serving the nation. If they are appointed to be part of those that will conduct the 2019 election, I pray that God will protect them from dangers but they shouldn’t involve themselves in fraud. I advocate that our Youth corpers shouldn’t be posted in States that are in crisis, to avoid risking their lives,” the bishop stated.

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