Evangelist feeds 1000 prison inmates

The founder and President of Power House Assembly, Evangelist Ephraim Ononye has fed over 1000 inmates at Abakaliki Federal prisons to mark his 45th birthday celebration with the inmates.
Evangelist Ononye who came with large number of members of the  ministry also prayed and preached the word of God to the inmates. He said the spirit of the Lord led him to celebrate his birthday with the inmates in the Prison.
“To celebrate my 45th birthday.I was led by the spirit of God to spend time with some prisoners and prison inmates in Abakaliki prisons”.” And I found out that we have over one thousand inmates in the prison yard and as the case maybe some of them are being convicted for the crime committed but you know there are some who may have not committed a crime but may be because they are not privileged to have somebody to speak for them”.
“Am not saying anybody is not guilty, it’s only the court of law that determines who is guilty or not but to be frank ,it is only when you enter the prison that you will find out what is happening in the prison. If you don’t enter the prison yard you will not know that some young men and even women are just there dieing in agony and i just pray that God will have mercy on them.”He said.
Evangelist Ononye who admitted that most prisoners are convicted for crime they did not commit however called on Nigerian youths to desist anything from crime
“Then I will like to use this opportunity to plead with the general public let everybody stay away from anything called crime.If you find yourself in a place like this,if you see what these people are passing through, you’ll feel for them ,you will never involve yourself in anything crime because even me it’s difficult for me to carry”.”
So let everyone stay away from crime and don’t accuse anyone falsely,let no man enter a situation, condition like this based on your false allegations because I don’t think God will forgive anyone that sends anybody to prison for something he or she never committed.” Ononye said.
Preaching to the inmates, Evangelist Ononye admonished them to seek the face of the Lord and ask God for mercy and forgiveness.
“The inmates have to use this opportunity,this time,this period that they are in this condition to seek the face of God and have relationship with God ,so that they will receive not just mercy but pardon”. “And when someone says because am in this condition let me just pray and say I have given my life to Christ without the person saying it from the bottom of his or her heart.God sees and he will not take that kind of person serious.”
Highpoints of the visit were intercessory prayers, praise worship and feeding of the inmates.

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