Python Dance and Crime Control

The decision by the security authorities to bolster the fight against crime across the country with the military exercise quaintly called “Python Dance” has elicited not a little controversy.
While some people consider it timely and desirable, others decry it, saying it is a subterfuge with political undertones, especially coming so close to the general elections of February and March.
Opponents of the deployment of the operation in our part of the country said it left a sour taste when the dancing pythons visited in 2017.
Indeed such a calamity is a major reason we would caution restraint this time around. Restraint by both the military and the civil populace.
People should go about their business peacefully. Soldiers mounting road blocks are there for security purposes.
Answer their questions politely. Don’t unnecessarily delay to answer or provocatively ask them back.
Avoid late home coming as much as possible.
Criminal and ill-intentioned red heads are likely to lie low for the duration of the
python dance exercise and this could last until the final election.
Those who don’t want the soldiers’ presence should please keep well away from them.
Experience has shown that crimes like kidnapping, bank robbery and rape usually reduce or even disappear wherever the python dance mounts its instrument.
It is advisable to cooperate with the crime chasers rather than engage in any action likely to provoke the men in military fatigue.
Parents should admonish their wards to be  very careful.
The operation python dance drill is a security engagement and not a child’s play.

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