The crowded field for Douglas House

The number of governorship candidates in Imo State is about the highest in the country – more than 50 of them!
Why is it so?
Is the office of the governor of the state so lucrative that everyone wants a piece of the pie?
It is indeed sad that Imo State with an enviable quantum of human resources should be seen as a state that is always at war with itself.
The state obviously requires a tested and knowledgeable helmsman to pull it up again.
Imo people have gone through a nightmare over the past years and what we need now is a respite.
Quite a crop of those in the rat race now for Douglas House, will make brilliant law makers at any level – Local Government, State Assembly or the National Assembly.
A formidable state assembly with the type of quality men now vying for governorship will put any chief executive on his toes.
On their part we would expect quality legislation that will make Imo state the envy of other states in the country.
Finally, the unwieldy number in the race creates confusion among the electorate.
We may end up going for a run off election to determine a true choice of the people of Imo state, a situation that is fraught with unpredictable consequences

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