Fr. Mbaka under fire … For alleged involvement in politics

By Our correspondent

Many Nigerians have berated the fiery Catholic priest, Rev. Fr. Mbaka, for getting deeply involved in partisan politics.  They described Fr. Mbaka’s recent visit to Aso Villa where he described President Buhari as ‘Real change’ and Atiku the ‘Bureau De Change’ as shameful and reckless.
‘Father Mbaka is a disgrace to the Catholic faith.  Why must he continue to boot lick serving politicians at the expense of his calling, Mr. Youngichu, a Northerner Nigerian Christian said in a post on the social media.
Reacting also, another Catholic faithful Chimaobim Nsofor said Father Mbaka has turned his Adoration Ministry into a political platform where politicians visit to canvass for votes and disparage their colleagues.
He advised Mbaka to return to the path of spirituality and concentrate on winning souls for Christ instead of dishing our prophesies that cannot stand the test of time.
‘What I don’t know is why Catholic Bishops are yet to sanction him or better still take a defining action against him to serve as a deterrent to others like him,  he added.
Speaking also an Mbaka admirer based in Owerri, Chief Cleopas Nwanozie, said “Mbaka has taken his jokes too far.  How can a ‘man of God’ condescend so low as to visit the President in the Villa to campaign for him”?  It is for Nigerians to decide who is the ‘real change and the Bureau De change’ and not Mbaka  he said, adding that no matter how powerful Mbaka may be in his pastoral work, “he has lost my respect and that of the people of Nigeria.”
Slamming Fr. Mbaka further for the outbursts in the Villa, Bishop Stephen Namaza of the Diocese of Yola wondered why Fr. Mbaka has not been sanctioned by his bishop.  He called on the Bishop of Enugu to punish Fr. Mbaka for crossing his boundaries.  The Prelate described Fr. Mbaka as an “embarrassment to the Catholic Church’.
“There is no reason why he shouldn’t be sanctioned.  Every priest is under the jurisdiction of their local ordinaries who is the bishop.  If a priest commits a crime or does something wrong anywhere in the world the person that acts on that priest is the bishop”.  He added.
According to him, the clerics are supposed to form the conscience of politicians, adding that some have ceded this position because of material things.  Those who do this have lost credibility.  He added.
It will be recalled that Fr. Mbaka recently visited the President in Aso Villa Abuja where he endorsed him for (2019) presidency, a visit many Nigerians consider unnecessary and partisan.