A call for calm

After the nationwide general elections yesterday, the ears and eyes of all and sundry are primed for the results to be officially released.
There is palpable anxiety across the country. This is the time to reinforce our prayers for peace.
As in every contest, there are bound to be winners and losers.
Fears that pervade our national elections actually do not have much to do with our trooping out to cast our votes but in the collation and announcement of the results.
As surely as the results will come, we appeal to the good people of this country to remain calm.
There is absolutely no need or justification for violence.
The tribunals and courts are there for those who may have misgivings about the results.
We have many examples of election results that had been overturned by the courts.
We appeal fervently for unsatisfied contestants to do the right thing: Accept with equanimity or approach the courts to seek remedy.
May the good Lord grant us the grace to seek and pursue His peace “which passeth all understanding.”
This is not the last election. Losers today may be winners tomorrow.
Even our sitting President, Alhaji Muhammadu Buhari, is a famous example.
Let’s not forget that we still have the state elections scheduled for Saturday March 2, 2019, a mere fortnight away.
Any disorder or rumpus now may derail the governorship and state assembly polls.
And to this we say God forbid!

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