CANA churches safe ground in Canada – Ven Adebogun

The Convocation of Anglicans in North America (CANA) offers light in dark places. The Ven. Olukayode Adebogun, the Bishop elect from North America said Canada is one of the places in the world where same sex marriage has been legalized as well as the use of marijuana.
The Bishop elect gave an on-the-spot account of what it is like in Canada. His responses show that all is not lost. The Bishop elect explained that although same sex marriage is legalized, the country has liberalized system and that there is still freedom of worship. The African Support Group including about fifteen to seventeen Anglican churches do not practice gay and they are trying to reach out to the other part of the world.
Thorny issues include same sex marriage, use of marijuana, mercy-killing and adoption. In his conclusive words, “the west has become a mission field. So pray for us; pray for us; pray for us”.

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