Hide your underwear – Police warn girls as ritualists ‘hunt’ for them

Women have been enjoined to be very careful about how and where they keep their underwear or their dresses.
The Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO) of the Ondo State Police Command, Mr. Femi Joseph, gave the warning when the command arrested two suspects who were accused of stealing women’s undies.
According to reports, one of the suspects (names withheld), a 25-year-old panel-beater, had gone to the other accused, a prophet in the Celestial Church of Christ, for money rituals and was asked to get ladies’ underwear.
The panel beater, reportedly, confessed that he was given a concoction to drink after which he could no longer remember what he was doing.
“I regained my memory after four days when I remembered visiting the prophet for assistance to get rich”, he said.
And that was when he was arrested by the police.
The suspect was said to have confessed having stolen the undies of his sister and sister-in-law.
It was the sister-in-law, according to reports that raised alarm on noticing that her pants spread outside had disappeared.
The pants were later found in the bag of the suspect who had already prepared to travel, with other pants which were later identified to belong to his own sister.
The prophet, however, denied either hypnotizing the co-suspect or asking him to bring ladies undies for money rituals.
He alleged that it was a plot to implicate him as he had refused to surrender land to the family for Indian hemp cultivation.
“I engage in spiritual cleansing for people, mostly pregnant women who have difficulties so they can give birth only and easily. I don’t engage in rituals as it is against the belief of our church. The allegation is pure lie against me”, he said, adding that he did not know the suspect before then.
Elder brother of the prime suspect told the police that his younger brother had always wanted to have money by all means, even through rituals.
“He is my own younger brother and had always been in haste to have money through any means, but I thank God that he was exposed’, he said.
Police said that the two suspects would be arraigned in court after investigations.

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