This human slaughter must stop

News of senseless killings of Nigerians and destruction of property has become so regular, almost predictable, that it hardly elicits comments by the media.
Particularly in some parts of Kaduna State of late, the face of the Governor routinely appears on the television as he condoles with survivors of one massacre after the other, with the inevitable assurances that the security forces will fish out the perpetrators.
Then the next wave in another part of the state or a neighboring state.
The marauders in the North Central zone have continued to sack homes, killing those that couldn’t quickly run into bushes and forests at the time they arrive
Even in the South, ordinary election gives criminals in army or police uniform cause to kill innocent people.
The wanton desecration of human lives has even so incensed the President that he cried out aloud recently and roundly condemned these atrocities that seem to have gone out of control.
We now demand that the President takes a step further by asking for foreign assistance.
Some countries like US and Britain have had such challenges in the past and effectively tamed the enemies of the state.
They can be approached by the Federal government to “come over to Macedonia and help us.”
This carnage has to stop.
All true believers should be ceaseless in their prayers for the Almighty God to intervene in our beleaguered country to end the daily flow of innocent blood in our land

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