Now that elections are over

To the glory of God, we can now say that the long-awaited 2019 general elections are practicality over.
And granting that there are a few outstanding places where reruns and collations are yet to be completed, it is worthwhile for our people to adjust their focus on governance.
All successful candidates, from the Presidency down to the local councils in the Federal Capital Territory, FCT, Abuja, should realize that party politicking must now give way to the real job of striving to enhance the welfare of the citizens.
Those flowery campaign declamations of bringing paradise to the people must be made manifest now.
No excuses or jeremiads of telling us how the regime you fought hard to replace misruled and misused the resources of the country or the State as the case maybe.
You are now at the steer wheel and answerable to the people.
Let winners not adopt or even propose a “winner-take-all” stance because that would lead to more unease in the polity.
The President is the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria in much the same way that the Governors are for their States and not only for their political parties or their individual constituency.
Hate and irreverent speeches must stop now and give way to decorum and civilized discourse.
All hands must be on deck to achieve a good government’s objective of enhancing the welfare of the people.
The media will play a major role in this regard by deliberately discouraging incendiary and provocative language by politicians on their pages and airwave.

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