Welcome Ihedioha: Your first tasks

From mid day on Wednesday May 29, 2019, Imo State would have a new Governor in the person of the Rt.Hon. Chief Emeka Ihedioha, who would have taken the obligatory Oaths of Office and Allegiance by then.
We join the good people of Imo State to welcome him to the historic  Douglas House, Owerri and assure him of our support in his Herculean task to restore hope to the people of Imo State.
As he settles down to his job, we would request His Excellency to first of all make the state capital,  Owerri, accessible and motorable especially NOW that the rains have started.
The blocked major road arteries of Douglas,  Chukwuma Nwoha, Dick Tiger, Amakohia etc should be the Governor’s first task as he marshalls the Director of  Works to get cracking IMMEDIATELY!
Let’s all hope and pray that there be a let up in the quantum of rains that we have had in Owerri and environs in the past days before the Wednesday inauguration.
We believe our new helmsman knows Owerri well enough to appreciate that we are not raising false alarm.
Owerri roads demand a state of emergency.
When pressure on the state capital is lifted, it will surely have a multiplier effect beyond.
We are however not unaware of the great task ahead of any administration that succeeds the outgoing swashbuckling emperor that bestrode Imo State in his twilight days with egregious profligacy.
But with our fervent prayers and the good Lord on his side, our new man on the seat, CHUKWUEMEKA Ihediohanma will meet the hopes and expectations of the people of Imo State .

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