As Ihedioha resumes, let sanity return to the state capital

Our new governor, Sir Chukwuemeka Ihedioha, CON, formally assumed office last Wednesday,  May 29, 2019, after the oath swearing and inauguration ceremonies.
The mammoth crowd that thronged the Dan Anyiam stadium, venue of the historic event, must have convinced the new tenant of Douglas  House, Owerri,  that the masses are indeed happy with his ascendancy to office.
The discipline displayed by the people at the stadium during the ceremony was indeed commendable. And we are now demanding from His Excellency that he should do all that is possible to sustain this discipline among the citizenry by immediately  flushing out the rainbow of uniforms that distort the environment in Owerri.
Men and women donning these uniforms harass and embarrass both residents and visitors alike by invoking non-existent laws and by-laws to extort money from innocent citizens.
The regime that foisted these thugs – in – uniform on the people is now gone, to the glory of God. So also should it’s unwelcome legacy be done away with.
Imo people will be glad to learn that the new helmsman knows what pains the citizens most.
We want sanity back in the streets of Owerri particularly and indeed across the state generally.
Daylight robbery that is camouflaged as law implementation by fake law enforcers should be promptly curbed by the freshly baked administration.
This, Governor Ihedioha should do TODAY.
Imo people have endured and tolerated a lot. And do not want to be reminded of their last days in Egypt by seeing these hoodlums still parading around in their uniforms!

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