National Assembly Inauguration: Matters Arising

The election of the four principal officers of the National Assembly last week Tuesday June 11, 2019, marked the completion of the occupation of the country’s six highest political posts. Senate president, Deputy Senate President, Speaker Federal House of Representatives and his Deputy, all of whom were elected at the inauguration of the 9th Assembly last week, together constitute The Big Six in the polity.
Our national political engineering since the return of democracy in 1999 has been based on the mantra of geo-political zone. And there are six of them – North-East, North-Central, North-West, South-East, South – South and South-West.
Ordinarily the six zones should each get one of the six powerful offices but the ruling party, APC, excluded the South-East,  from the sharing. Each zone had a slot but the vice-president’s South-West took the post of Speaker of the Federal House of Representatives, the fourth most powerful office after the president, the vice president and the Senate president.
The question now is:  Are there no ranking members of APC from the East?
Now in the roll call of Nigeria’s first half a dozen citizens, nobody from the South-East is there. So it is also in the security architecture. And yet this region majorly gave Nigeria her pioneer independence heroes in the mould of Dr Nnamdi  Azikiwe, Mazi Mbonu Ojike,  Dr Nwafor Orizu, among others .
The APC leadership in the South-East should quickly come together to investigate what went wrong. Are they really wanted in the party? Nevertheless, we would still counsel our people to be calm. Injustice may linger but truth and fairness will surely reign as long as we have the Lord God Almighty as our anchor.

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