Don predicts brighter future for Imo people under Ihedioha

By Nick Chibunna

Imo People have been described as lovers of justice, peace and good governance, and any government that endears itself to the people would have overwhelming followership.
Professor Jasper Ahaoma Onuekwusi of the Imo State University (IMSU) made the observation weekend while speaking to Christian Voice on the present state of affairs in Imo State, in particular, the Chief Emeka Ihedioha-led new administration.
The professor of English and Literary studies expressed hope that the emergence of the Rt. Hon. Emeka Ihedioha as governor would mark a watershed in the overall development of the state.
According to the scholar, with the governor’s experiences in government and legislature, the people of the state would be better off in terms of management of human and natural  resources.
He advised the new regime to shun frivolities, despotic tendencies and anything that tends to make government a one-man business or a family affair.
He also advised the government to uphold the principles of separation of powers which he described as essential ingredient for good governance, adding that the government should not interfere with the legislative functions.
On the newly inaugurated ninth State Assembly, Professor Onuekwusi cautioned that new members of the house should go back to the basic.
According to him, the authors of the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic  of Nigeria as amended had in mind the principles of the separation of powers which is anchored on checks and balances.
He said that the legislature should serve as a check and support to the executive, while at the same time be a veritable linkage between the people they represent and government, and without fail to their oversight functions.
On the insinuations that the immediate past legislature was a club of puppets under the apron string of the former governor, Professor Onuekwusi simply laughed and said that was one of the problems.
On the claims by the legislators that they were gagged by the immediate past administration hence they could not fully perform their legislative functions, he said such claim were errant none sense as the elected representatives took an oath to serve the state and its people, adding that service to the people should be more central than executive interference and lawlessness.
He however exposed the hope that with the various committees and interim arrangements in place, Imo state would soon bounce back to its former glory.

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