More advocacy on hard drugs, please

During the past week the media and several events fora were abuzz with lectures,  debates and discussions over the world wide use and misuse of drugs.
And, understandably,  the focus was on psychotropic drugs? The harm both to individuals and society was generally discussed by experts.
Mothers, especially,  were warned about the consequences of wrong and unprescribed consumption of drugs during pregnancy.
Adolescents,  youths and adults came under special scope as the most affected group among wrong  users of behaviour changing drugs.
Elders and senior citizens are also not totally excluded from the lot that fall under the category of drug abusers.
Indeed the mantra in the media leveraged on DRUG ABUSE which is patently erroneous as the advocacy  focused on the negative rather than on the positive which is the USE of Drugs.
The untutored and indiscriminate consumption of drugs has led to senseless acts of crime and terrorism across the country.
Insane and deranged citizens litter the streets with their afflictions traceable to drugs.
We join the rest of the world, particularly the relevant UN bodies funding the fight against wrong use of drugs,  to appeal to the educational and health authorities to intensify the advocacy on proper use of drugs.

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