Take a break from politics … Go for massive industrialization – Don urges Ndigbo

By Nick Chibunna

A university lecturer has chided Ndigbo to stop bemoaning their political fate in Nigeria.
He, rather, advised them to return home, close ranks and turn Igboland into an industrial hub of Africa and beyond.
Dr. Sampson Ekwonna, Head of Department of Political Science and Public Administration, Imo State University (IMSU) Owerri, made this observation while speaking to Christian Voice on the state of the nation, particularly the outright exclusion of the entire South East from major political offices in the land, and from the principal officers of the National Assembly who were recently elected.
The political scientist, who averred that Igbo problems were multi-dimensional. Some so-called Igbo leaders, he said, are busy wining and dining with the oppressors of their people.
According to him, except Ndigbo come home, re-examine and reappraise their destiny, what they want and where they are going, the ethnic nationality would continue to be at the receiving end.
He called on all Igbos within and in the diaspora to come together and pool all their human and natural resources for real industrialization of the region, not the dubious and fraudulent jingles of “job-job-job”, “factory-factory-factory” and “employment-employment-employment”.
According to him, if a small country like Singapore can pull out from Malaysia, and is today standing tall in the comity of nations as an industrial giant, Igbo nation can do better if all hands are on deck.
He said that other nations through self-help and God’s grace, have made it great and have given their people a lease of life, they include, Japan, China, South Korea and others without depending on anybody for survival, adding that with the resources and gifts that it pleased the Lord to endow the Igbo with, Igbo can do better.
On the insinuations that Ndigbo did not vote for the Buhari-led Federal Government of the All Progressives Congress (APC), hence they were treated shabbily, the erudite scholar said that the beauty of democracy is freedom of choice, adding that all Nigerians would not belong to one political party.
He also averred that during the administration of the former President Goodluck Jonathan, most states in the north did not vote for the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) yet Jonathan did not punish them for that but appointed them to key offices, including service chiefs and others.