Suspension of RUGA: FG urged to react over threat

By Nick Chibunna

As Nigerians continue to react on the 30-day ultimatum given to the Buhari-led Federal Government by the Coalition of Northern Groups (CNG) to rescind its decision on the suspension of the Rural Grazing Area initiative (RUGA), the federal authorities have been advised never to take the threat lightly.
Hon. John Duruji, former Special Adviser on Protocol and Special Duties during the administration of late Chief Evan Enwerem in Imo State gave the advice while speaking to Christian Voice on the contentious issue weekend.
According to Hon. Duruji, the threat would make the All Progressives Congress (APC)-led Federal Government to sit up and do the needful in order to avoid any form of unpleasant consequences that might result from the threat which was uncalled for.
He said that the problems of Nigeria were multi-dimensional as the country is not yet a nation, but an artificial creation by the former colonial masters to achieve their political economic and imperialistic agenda.
The former Special Adviser observed that Boko Haram started with threats against Western Education. The Fulani herders also complained of cattle rustling. Today the two terrorist organizations have almost overrun the country.
He advised the Federal Government to bring all the dissenting voices in the country together and find out lasting solution to the problems of the country or otherwise do the needful.
The former aid maintained that Nigeria is constituted of independent ethnic nationalities that were forcefully brought together by the British without any form of consensus or agreement, adding that the country needed a wise, intelligent, pragmatic and detribalized leader to lead it to the path of greatness and unity.
He said that in 1947, the late political sage, Chief Obafemi Awolowo, described Nigeria as a mere geographical expression while in 1948, the Sarduana of Sokoto, Alhaji Ahmadu Bello, said that Nigeria was just on  paper.
He said that the above is a pointer to the fragile nation of the country which is under serious threat today.

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