New Lease For Imo Pensioners

The administration of Governor Emeka Ihedioha has said enough to give Imo pensioners hope for better days ahead.
Though his assurances since taking office have been received with understandable skepticism, owing to past experiences, palpable actions now point to a real paradigm shift.
To begin with, current biometric verifications going on have been tagged a “once and for all” exercise which means that pensioners are not going to be summoned again to their local government council headquarters for verifications that have become a ruse to avoid prompt payment of pensions.
When, in the first month of this administration, civil servants received their salaries a la Rochas, cries went to high heavens that “nothing has changed” but when full percentage was restored, there was no hurrah.
The long neglected elders who are entitled to their pensions have now been told to expect something reasonable by month’s end.
The throes and trauma many of them are going through in the ongoing verifications should be accepted as birth pangs that will deliver a new order in which their outstanding pensions will be gradually settled and future stipends would be paid “as and when due.”
Meanwhile all sectors, particularly the banks, that have made the current biometric data verifications smooth sailing, should be commended.
It’s all part of patriotic support the government needs in its task to “rebuild Imo State.

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