… Laments high rate of unemployment as he opens women’s table water factory

His Grace, Most Rev Nicholas Okoh, Anglican Primate of All Nigeria, has decried the high level of unemployment in the country.
Okoh, who expressed his concern at the dedication of Compass Rose Table Water Factory in Abuja, urged government at all levels to take the lead in employing the youths.
He added that those who would work at the factory will have new prospects, they will not be hopeless, they will work there pending when they get something bigger for themselves.
According to him, the church has very limited sources of employment but the lead should come from the government because they control the funds and resources of the nation.
”It is a step to take people away from the street.
“It is a step in a big space because the level of unemployment is something else, and it requires urgent attention.
”The church is really trying to provide jobs in one way or the other, different denomination and private organisations are really trying their best.
”However, the lead should come from the government because they control the funds of the people.
”All the money generated in the name of Nigeria is with the government so they should administer the funds in favour of the people because private organisations can only do little.
”Government must take the lead and give hope to the young ones. While we are fighting insecurity, government must provide legitimate work for the people to do,” he said.
Okoh said that there were so many areas the government could tap into, for instance, the railway transportation.
”Our railway system is still not perfect apart from Kaduna to Abuja and what they are doing in the south west, we can have a living railway system that will employ more people as before.