100 Days: Don commends Ihedioha

As government at various levels in the country continue to showcase their achievements within the first 100 days in office, a political scientist and social crusader has said that the performance of the Chief Emeka Ihedioha-led administration in Imo State within the period under review was a sign of the emergence of a new Imo.
Professor Hilary Ekemam of the Department of Political science and Public Administration made the remark in Owerri while speaking to Christian Voice on the 100 days of the governor.
He affirmed that under 100 days of the present administration, the state had been rescued from what he described as political brinkmanship and toutism occasioned by brazen looting and raping of the Commonwealth of the people.
Professor Ekemaru gave the Ihedioha-led regime kudos for starting on a sound footing, adding that if the tempo is maintained, Imo would be better place for all.
According to him within the first 100 days in office,  the over flooding of major streets in the stating capital had been tackled headlong, hence gutters and various water channels have been desalted, including the one at the Okigwe road round out.
He landed the government for demonstrating strong political will in proffering solutions to the myriad of problems confronting the state, including the inheritance of empty treasury.
Other areas to laud the present administration included; the assemblage of highly qualified technocrats in the Rebuild Imo Project, the setting up of various committees, including Judicial Panel of inquiry over looted funds, and recovery of government property.
He said that the Treasury Single Account (TSA), was a policy master piece capable of blocking leakages and making government agencies and parastatals accountable.

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