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The proponent of the proposed Owerri Central Diocese are showing their face in a re action to BIG DEAL article I wrote on Christian Voice edition of September 21st 2019.  I carry this rejoinder wholesale and let readers draw their own conclusions.  Take a read:
The attention of Proponents of the proposed Owerri Central Diocese has been drawn to the article written by Dan Jacobs in Christian Voice of Sunday September 21, 2019, at page 4 and we react as follows:-
1)     The application was made since 17/12/18 to the knowledge of the powers that be, including those of Mbaike who ‘have discussed it with some of us. the right thinking, positive minds felt that the people of the proposed Owerri Central Diocese are marginalized, being the first place the Anglican Church was founded since more than one hundred years ago, they have not produced a Bishop and one enclave that has for years applied for it’s Diocese to be carved out from the  present Owerri  Diocese   Mbaitoli  has two  Bishops currently and are expecting the third one to be appointed. The issue of “CRISES” was not part of our application but publishers choice of word and please* Dann Jacobs ought to learn that he should respect other peoples opinion.
2)     you   have   called   your   fellow   journalist   non   responsible professional journalism when you are the one who peddled fake  news  in  branding  the  application  for  the  creation separatist tendering inimical to the interest of the church. You   equally   most  wrongly  opined  that  “any one  that promotes the idea may think he/she is being patriotic to   Owerri.   But   it   is   destructive.   Its   long   term consequences may be grave. The thinking may be that will   promote   the   elevation   of   Owerri   indigenous priests increasing the chances of one or two of them becoming bishops” These your views are unfortunately negative or myopic. Mbaitoli people have had for years a pending application for creation of MBAITOLI DIOCESE.
You in your wisdom feigned ignorance of that. When Mbaitoii people made that application, those from Owerri Central never tagged it separatist and destructive and did not castigate it. You loved Mbaitoli application which supports just one Local Government Area to be constituted into a Diocese as opposed to Owerri Central cutting across three Local Governments. Mr. Jacobs you can see that you tried to remove a spec in the eyes of Owerri people, without first removing a mole hill in your two eyes. What a pity.
3)     You queried if Owerri Central can stand on its feet. We pity you  on this because it is the sustentation of the Churches in Owerri Central Diocese that is the foundation  upon which the current Owerri Diocese stands. Please cross check your facts and do not mislead the public.
4)     The protagonists are not interested in making any particular Priest a Bishop. That is the duty of the Bishops of Church of Nigeria. No Priest is part of the prota’gonists. Non is in our committee.
5)     The   protagonists  believe  in  equity.  The  application   is  to show that we do not object to your Mbaitoli Diocese. By the way  if your  Mbaitoli   Diocese  is created  what  remains  of Owerri Diocese? The proposed Owerri Central Diocese; we can then continue with the name Owerri Diocese or the the new name. Mr. Jacobs where does your complaint lie. You want to pull out of Owerri Diocese all over the years then you  are telling  the world that the  remnant is  not good enough to stand on its own. Mr. Jacobs tell the truth and rebuild the  Nation.   Equity evolved from the  Ecclesiastical Division of the Church of England. Owerri senatorial zone got the present gubernatorial slot on powerful campaign on equity. Do not propagate nee-colonization of Owerri central people. It is demonic and evil to cheat a section of Christian community in preference to another section. Where then lies your Christianity? Follow my statement and not my behavior “soro okwu onum, esola omumem” this syndrome requires to be changed else you should stop professing that you are a Christian.
From the above, it is obvious and crystal clear that the application for the New Owerri Central Diocese was not out of place at all. Please we should always get the correct facts before writing meaningless articles just to spite that section you hate most.

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