Best ways to deal with pain due to emotional or mental stress

By Kristine Arbolario

Going through emotional or mental stress? Try these simple strategies to combat perceived pain, according to Jessica Moy, a doctor of physical therapy and certified yoga instructor.
1. Try feeling bodily sensations instead of labelling them as painful or nonpainful.
Upon starting your day, try to do a body scan. Close your eyes for a moment and begin to feel your toes. Then, move your way up to other parts of your body up to your head.
You can also use your thoughts to exude different responses in your body without any presumed judgment  of the specific parts. You can also perform another body scan at the end of your day and see the difference.
2. Experiment with your feelings of yes and no.
Ask your body of the food it likes to eat or activity it likes to do and it will help you determine what’s causing you the disease or what’s positively affecting you.
You can start with simple tasks such as deciding on food or activity and then continue with more complex aspects like jobs or relationships.
Of course, when you ask, you have to listen.
3.  Amp up your bath with Epsom salts.
Soak in for a minimum of 15 to 20 minutes and maybe utilize this time to do some body scan. If not, a hot shower will also be as effective. Adding essential oils like lavender and eucalyptus will calm you physically and mentally.
4. Do not stay seated for a long period of time even if it is the nature of your work.
You can do some stretching or go for a quick walk. Varying your movements may alleviate those less important sensations, consequently hinting you of potentially more serious issues that you may be having and address them properly.
5. Make it a habit to appreciate what your body can do.
This rewires your brain to produce a more positive interaction with yourself and your environment.
It is as easy as breathing in and out and notice the quality of your respirations. Start to feel grateful of what your body has accomplished, from your feet to your head and try to stay with this feeling.

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