Police arrest protesting Christians in London

Police said that they have arrested nearly 1,300 people in total following the week of protests  tagged Extinction Rebellion in the capital city of London but that has not stopped people from turning out.
They are calling on the government to do more to address climate change.
Father Martin Newell, a Catholic priest from Birmingham was arrested while protesting with members of Christian Climate Action (CCA) at London’s City Airport.
He said: “I am here to raise the alarm, to call for a profound ecological conversion. The life of God’s creation is under threat, especially the lives of God’s poor.
“I am here to protect our common home, our mother, our sister which is among the most abused of our neighbours, as Pope Francis has said.”
Sam Wakeling, a 34-year-old web designer and father of two from Sheffield, was also arrested while protesting at the airport.
He said that climate breakdown “has become the gravest threat to the safety of our children and all society”, and that he felt compelled by his conscience to come out and protest.

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