Students storm kidnappers’ den … Rescue colleague in Okigwe

Students of the Federal Government College Okigwe pulled a feat of bravery recently, when they waged war on kidnappers and rescued one of their colleagues who was held captive.
Narrating the exploits of the students in the face of the hoodlums, a top official of the school (names withheld), said that three of the senior male students were coming back to the school when they ran into the gang who abducted them and took them to their hideout in a nearby bush.
According to the official who was speaking at a meeting with parents and guardians, the criminals decided to release two of them to go and raise the ransom for the other one whom they held back.
The students, however, returned to the school and held a meeting with other students.
Rather than resort to obeying the kidnappers who gave them time to bring the ransom money, the students formed a squad and attacked the criminals’ hideout.
Armed with knives, clubs, catapults, hoes, hammer and dangerous weapons, they invaded and pulled down the thatched enclave of the hoodlums who took to their heels on sighting the charging students.
Some of the criminals who could not escape were manhandled by the irate students.
The official said that she panicked and wondered how the students could fight armed men with bare hands.
She, however, urged the parents and guardians to call their wards to order as some of them indulge in disobedience, breaking through and jumping over the fence and other offences.
She said that the Federal Government has commenced a perimeter fencing of the school, which according to her, would be completed in January 2020.
Also speaking, the Parents Teachers Association (PTA) chairman, Prof. G. Amah, lauded the school over its success in the last WAEC/NECO exams.
He said that the aim of every parent is to ensure his children are good citizens.

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