Emergency on roads still persists

Residents in the state capital, Owerri, and it’s environs cannot complain enough about the trauma they go through everyday moving from one point to the other.
To call again on the freshly baked administration of Governor Emeka Ihedioha to do something urgently on the roads is not to appreciate his announced measures and strivings so far to clean and clear the mess he inherited.
Though the rains have been unusually severe for road works to begin in earnest, drastic situations demand equally drastic solutions.
Indisputable is that the people need not to be marooned in their homes as a result of impassable roads.
Now is the time to justify the invitation of reputable foreign contractors that have the requisite knowledge and experience on road construction and maintenance under very hostile topographic conditions.
In their home countries they build roads and bridges even in winter. Road tarring takes place in the rain over there. It’s all a question of having the proper equipment.
And it might do the governor and his team a lot of good if they can rein in their agents in the field trying to ameliorate the citizens’ harrowing experiences.
Refuse clearing is a typical example. ENTRACO should not mobilize its personnel to block parts of the busy highways with their vans and tractors as they evacuate the mountains of refuse built up by the Rochas Okorocha regime.
It is indeed provocative to the suffering masses to be time trapped for hours in the traffic because refuse disposal labourers had chosen to operate at  the time people are rushing to work and businesses.
Late hours are a better time to tackle refuse disposal.
As we hinted earlier, the state of the roads now has surpassed emergency and loud grumblings are being heard from our people who  are asking “what is the difference?”

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