Unemployment, a time bomb – Bishop Osuegbu

Bishop Edward Osuegbu of the Anglican Diocese of Okigwe has described Nigeria’s unemployment situation as a time bomb.
The Bishop, who was delivering his Presidential address and charge at the Special Edition of the 10th anniversary for the 2nd Session of the Fourth Synod of the Diocese, said that failure to deal with the situation is an invitation to anarchy.
Recalling that Labour Minister, Dr. Chris Ngige, had revealed that the nation’s unemployment rate may reach 33.5 percent next year, Bishop Osuegbu stressed the need to make credit facilities accessible at a single digit interest rate to encourage easy investments in agriculture, technology and other vocations.
He said unemployment should not be treated with kid gloves, adding that the recent report by the World Economic Forum (WEF) that Nigeria has reached 60 percent on the global misery index also underscores the urgency to address the rising unemployment.
The prelate expressed hope in the government’s National Social Investment Programme, (NSIP) but asked whether all states are enjoying the programme.
The address, which touched on a wide range of subjects on the state of the nation, called on the Central Bank to halt the implementation of the new move to charge cash depositors under the cashless policy.
Bishop Osuegbu, in the address, called for a change in the police structure to accommodate state and community tiers of policing.
He called for the retraining of policemen and expressed disgust at extra-judicial killings and the alarming rate of suicide in schools.
Reflecting on Nigeria at 59, the Bishop gave a verdict of “woeful performance” on the present leadership in the country, adding that those in office have no vision that can carry the country beyond tomorrow.
He said Nigeria could get to act together again by returning to the first principles of honesty, hard work, thrift, selflessness and patriotism.
The synod, with the theme: “The Faithfulness of God: The Journey so far” offered an opportunity for the Diocesan to acquaint the faithful with the achievements and current events in the diocese.

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