Bishop Fagbemi explains DIVCCON 2019 theme

The 2019 DIVCCON continued into the third day with the Rt. Revd. Dr Stephen Ayodeji Fagbemi leading the bible studies. Speaking on the theme ‘God, the Game Changer, Our Present Help’, Esther 6:1-11, the Bishop described God as ever active and ready to intervene on behalf of his people.
Citing the example of Haman, from the book of Esther who became arrogant due to his elevation, the Bishop showed how God deals with anyone found to be disobedient to Him (5:9-14). He explained how Haman had all, planned to end Mordecai and his people’s lives but God intervened and saved them.
According to him, God’s time is the only time for good things to happen in our lives – God is fully in charge of things that happen in our lives. ”He will rise on our behalf and when God decides to rise on our behalf no one can stop him.  God moves in a mysterious way,” he said.
Bishop Fagbemi added that Mordecai’s message to Esther was so important and needed urgent attention and intervention by the king but there were obstacles which prevented her from going straight to see the king but God intervened to grant her favour.
”Esther needed help to rescue her father’s house, a whole house of Israel,” he said.
He compared Mordecai’s situation to that of the disciples in the boat when the storm stood against them and Jesus was sleeping in Matt. 8:23 – 25. The disciples needed help at the time that they had to wake Jesus up. He rose up and rebuked the storm and the wind, he said.
“ Every storm that is ranging your life will be silenced in Jesus name,” Bishop Fagbemi declared.
Encouraging Christians never to give up but to look unto God for rescue, the cleric said that Esther like Daniel and the three Hebrews in the book of Daniel took the bull by the horn and said: ‘If I perish I perish’.
”The Lord honoured His name through the faith of these persons and so shall he help all those who call upon Him,” the Bishop said, reaffirming that God is our present help and is always there for us.
During the question and answer session, participants agreed that Mordecai given the opportunity to serve did that faithfully.
The Bible Study leader, therefore, appealed to participants to do the same, adding that if we are not remembered now we would definitely be remembered in the future.
Appealing to participants to draw strength from the words of Psalms 62, the cleric said: ”When God chooses to act, He does so to favour his people because He has the time and He knows the right time.  God is faithful. He brings to pass His plans according to His will.”

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