Once again, sham elections!

The so-called off season elections that took place in Bayelsa and Kogi states on November 16, 2019, have been universally condemned as sham and shameful. Those that have been declared winners know that their victory is not acceptable, not only to neutral and uncommitted Nigerians, but also to the international community.
The polls were marred by violence and loss of lives in the two states. Television footages showed prospective voters scampering away from polling booths to escape being hit by flying bullets released by unrestrained thugs. Indeed the Inspector-General of Police, openly told the world that the uniformed Police operatives allegedly making away with ballot boxes and generally harassing voters were FAKE POLICE MEN.
To him, the genuine policemen were those who wore specially designed tags and had their names emblazoned on their uniforms. And, the cheek of it, he admitted that long before the election day, the Police was aware that desperate politicians were importing police uniforms to deceive the unwary. Yet the chief police officer of Nigeria could not advance a reason for not forestalling the desperadoes. And he gave no hint as to whether arrests were made.
The danger to the country about what played out in Bayelsa and Kogi states last week Saturday is the inescapable consequences to the polity and future elections. Nigerians witnessed the very contentious and controversial general elections for the President and most of the State Governors last March.
The chorus by many Nigerians now is that elections have become not only a charade but also a killing field to be avoided when next the inept electoral umpire, possibly in 2023, blows the whistle for another round of self-serving people who do not wish this country well, to come to power.
The only hope for Nigeria now is the grace of God with whom nothing is impossible

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