Socialite escapes abduction … And disappointed kidnappers vent anger on shop owners

By Vivian Adolphus

Kidnappers who failed in their attempt to kidnap a socialite resident at Orji, near Owerri, (names withheld) resorted to breaking into shops and carting away items.
According to eye witnesses, when the gunmen swooped on the socialite who was shopping in front of his residence and failed in their bid to abduct him, they went on rampage, looting shops and harassing people.
The young socialite, who is well known in the vicinity, took to his heels, escaping through the back of the set of shops.
The gunmen, who attempted to demobilize him by shooting him on the leg missed their mark.
Angered by the disappointing outing, they went into the shops and began to lift items at will, unchallenged by security operatives.
A distraught shop owener (names withheld) later told Christian Voice that she did not expect that the hoodlums could go to the extent of looting their shops.
Items missing at the shops at the end of the operation included expensive drinks, provisions as well as cash.
One of the shop owners appealed to the police and the vigilante group in the area to be up and doing because the criminals are making the area uncomfortable for residents.
As at the time of filing this report, the affected shops had not been reopened for business, while the socialite is reported to have made quick arrangements to relocate.