Zik of Africa, in eye of history

By Ven. Echi Nwogu

The late Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe, popularly known as Zik, whose birthday was recently celebrated, remains the greatest African in the 20th century that triggered the nationalism movement that catalysed the journey to political independence for Africa’s colonised nations. Herbert Macaulay started it from the seeds of the William Wilberforce doctrine of equality of all men and, when he exited at a young age, Zik took up the baton and inspired the movement to success such that the last half of the 20th century made possible the independence of all colonized territories worldwide.
Yes, many blame Zik for not being a tribal ethnic chieftain like others in his class. Zik was an Africanist and not just a Nigercentric, nor Igbocentric. We cannot crucify him for that.
That spirit of one people and one destiny for the African and the black race is not dead yet. It is the root of the Organisation of African Unity (OAU) which later transformed the Africa Union (AU). The ECOWAS is running on that steam now.
Other wise and futuristic entities have progressed in that spirit of wider brotherhood. The Arabs are bound together as they seek global renaissance and a dream of global politico religio-cultural supremacy for Europe, Africa, Britain and America in that succession. The Euro,  EU and Brexit furor is all about that spirit that was in Zik of Africa.  That same spirit consumed Muammar Ghadafi of Libya.
Yes, a good, better and best evaluation of the mind and dreams of Zik of Africa is in places. He lived ahead of his time and generations.  His legacies and dreams have to be redirected to fire us up for true and enduring independence and dignity for Africa and the black race.
In the time of Zik, from the end of the Second World War, the vogue was agglomeration of states and nations to build strong entities that can resist the rise of new empire builders, just as Germany and Japan tried to do.  But in more recent times the global trend is ethnic survival and the attractions of the smaller, the better. The +ves and -ves of this have not been clearly interrogated for the long term consequences of balkanization and weakening of teamed up partnerships of nations to stand against future empire builders and global leadership candidates that will dream of the actualisation of the prophesied One World Government,  One World Economy,  One World Religion of Peace under One World Leader.
These deep thoughts and philosophies are begging for mature,  sound and discerning minds to interrogate them and counsel a world at ease in Zion while schemers of globalisation work assiduously for their goals of global hegemony, economic and political enslavement and total control of humanity and human activities.
How all this plays out in terms of the end time prophecies on the coming Apocalypse is yet to be understood and the part to play in the face of prophetic projections and realities.

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