Ihedioha takes case to God

Former Governor of Imo State, Rt. Hon. Emeka Ihedioha, who was deposed by a Supreme Court judgement on Tuesday, has resigned himself to fate, quoting Ecclesiastics 3:1 which says ‘to everything there is a season, and to a time to every purpose under the heaven’.
In a statement after the court verdict, Ihedioha disagreed with the judgement of the Supreme Court, describing it as “unfair, unjust and does not reflect the voting that took place during the elections’, neither did it take care of the sensibilities of the people of Imo State.
“But as true democrats, Engr. Gerald Irona and I have no option but to respect the outcome of that judgement”, said the ousted governor who had pledged due process in his governance.
He urged his supporters to refrain from action capable of resulting in a breach of the peace while also urging them to extend same support they gave him to his predecessor, Senator Hope Uzodinma.
Under his administration, he said, Imo was declared the least corrupt state in the country and the fastest growing state economy in Nigeria.
Ihedioha stated that during his short-lived stay in Douglas House, civil servants and pensioners were duly paid, infrastructure came back to life and local governments began to work again.
“Yes, we had good plans to make Imo the centre piece of commerce, industry, technology tourism by providing good leadership and first class infrastructure under our watch, Imo became safe with our systematic approach to securing lives and property”, he stated.
He wished Gov. Uzodinma would continue on the path he had set to rebuild the state.
He concluded:  “It is incontrovertible that we ran a good race, fought tough battles, (including principalities and powers) and governed the state  well, with the fear of God, accountability transparency… we step aside with implicit faith in the Sovereign Lord who reigns over the affairs of men”.

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