Who said God does not love the Blacks?

By Echi Nwogu

We were the first humans on earth and gave birth to some offsprings that migrated away in time and space in the antiquities. Most of the serious minerals required for high tech products are home in Africa.
The African genes and DNA are the best.  This is why the whites prefer black organ donors to any other. That’s the reason for the high human organ traffic in the US, Europe and Asia.
There is a very high unexplainable phenomenon of missing black persons in the US.  Check it out. This is the reason, the underground big business of Human organs market.
As organ transplant increases, the stealing and trafficking of organs harvested from black victims will increase manifolds.
Many black migrants and slaves are held in organ farms for harvesting in Libya,  North Africa and Asia supplying a growing human organs market.
The truth of history is that Africa was the first place mathematics,  medicine,  science and heavy engineering  was founded before her relapse into obscurity on account of wicked invasions overtime that applied racial cleansing to wipe out the black populations in North Africa and the population replacement with white invaders.
The same time that Africa ruled the world and the seas, some sailed east to reach the Australias and their remnants after racial cleansing treatments are the Australian aborigines. Another group of Black Africans sailed west to populate the Americas in the antiquities.
It was the later arrivals to America from Asia that wiped out the original black African population of America. Today you call them American Indians.
When the details of the ancient civilizations of the Atlantis is clearer, it will be clear that the black race was responsible for that feat before some universal apocaliptic event led to the first flood before Adam and before Noah’s flood.
The migrations and racial and language differentiation at the Tower of Babel will need further research to be clear on the surgeon of the unique part of humanity that is the black race.
The children of Papa & Mama Africa have dealt treacherously and ignoble with their forebears for far too long.  Now nemesis is catching up. Their world is crashing due to their loss of personal and corporate discipline.
God is going to restore the glory and global respect for the black race.  The war of the races with black Africa at the bottom is over.  That was the reason for the Obama POTUS phenomenon. The feat of a black blood in Buckingham Palace was to confirm the universal truth that the days of the discrimination against the black race is long overdue as the world is finding out that the black race are not only truly human, but that they have the repository of the best in the creation of the Homo sapiens.
Weep no more Africa at home and abroad.  Your days to rescue your children is loading. There were plans to wipe you out but it will not be any more.
You will survive.
You will overcome all the conspiracies of over 6,000 years of trans Saharan and trans Atlantic slavery and the colonization and neocolonization inglorious victimization of Papa & Mama Africa by her ungrateful ignorant children.
Africa your day of recognition has come.

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