Government and the road network in the state

The rate at which the State Government is tackling the roads in the State in recent times is highly commendable. The quality of the roads so far rehabilitated or being worked upon deserves applause by the discerning members of the public.

One needs to see the progress on Owerri-Okigwe and Owerri-Orlu highways to appreciate Government’s effort. Even the inner city roads and streets such as the MCC road have received a facelift.

Our plea is that the roads in the rural communities be equally tackled in a comprehensive and coordinated manner.

After all, the roads and pathways in the countryside serve a majority of the populace and it is through them that agricultural and other food products reach the city dwellers.

We appreciate that the funds may not be available to deal with all the roads at the same time. But the experts and engineers can easily identify the critically urgent ones that the Government must embark upon now before the rains begin again.

Some major roads in the rural areas are so bad and crater-riddled that they can’t be accessed in the rainy season. It is indeed regrettable that the Local Government Councils which should have complemented the strivings of the Government appear woefully underfunded.

What Government and the citizen need to do now is to think outside the box to find a quick way of improving the revenue to ensure the rains do not return this year to meet the rural roads still in a sorry

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