Ukraine: A world at arms akinbo? By Anthony Chuka Konwea

The World cannot seat back, and watch Vladimir Putin the Adolf Hitler reincarnate, destroy Ukraine. All nations, big or small should rise and express their condemnation of the disaster unfolding in Ukraine, by words but better by deeds.

It is true that there is precious little other nations can do against a huge nation armed to the teeth with nuclear weapons. But nuclear weapons and advanced hypersonic rockets cannot provide food or clothing or shelter to the people of Russia.

Since Putin has embarked on a crazy and senseless expansionist war of aggression against Ukraine, driven solely by pride, ego and paranoia, the world has to device methods to make his territorial ambitions unrealizable and when realized, unsustainable.

America, Western Nations and NATO should send more troops into the countries bordering Ukraine, and Russia, ready for intervention and action should senseless atrocities occur. Additionally, America and the West have to move massive amounts of troops and offensive military equipment into NATO friendly nations bordering both Russia and Ukraine.

Nations of the world should funnel self-defense weapons to the Ukrainians and ostracize Russia in the international community just as North Korea is isolated. At the very least, sending massive number of troops to nations bordering Ukraine will force the paranoid Russian Leader to have divided attention and not focus all his weapons solely on Ukraine.

This massive deployment and Western show of force will serve two purposes, humanitarian and defensive. Humanitarian, in that it will draw Russia’s military attention away from being focused entirely on Ukraine. Defensive in that it will teach Putin that he dare not invade any NATO country. The West cannot afford to be caught off-guard, the way France and Poland were caught ill-prepared by Nazi Germany at the outset of World War 2.

The Third World War may well have started. If Russian losses mount, Putin will sooner or later strike out against a NATO nation. NATO will surely respond and boom a World War would start. With or without such escalation, refugees will soon start streaming into the West. Given that there is no appetite for a World War, the only way the West can contain Russia at this time is to make the Ukraine war too costly for it and to instigate mass revolt back home in Russia.

Anything to divide and distract Russia’s attention from Ukraine will be helpful to Ukraine. Russia under Putin absolutely merits the North Korean treatment of total and complete isolation. Nations all over the world should shun, boycott, and abandon the Russian Government.

It is no surprise that the calculating Putin has chosen this time to act against. Russia’s main global adversary, America has a debilitating self-inflicted weakness of unbridgeable division at home, with Donald Trump’s MAGAites speaking out publicly and myopically in support of Russia.

The only potential beneficiaries of raging conflict in Europe and home trouble in America is China. China can either remain non-aligned, watch the West and Russia mutually destroy each other, or it can seize advantage of the chaos and recover Taiwan.

Under the shroud of conflict in East Europe, India and Pakistan can resume their conflict since no one is watching. Under the cloak of religious fervor, Islamic terrorists can destabilize West Africa more, since their nemesis France is preoccupied with presidential elections, America, and Britain with the conflict in Ukraine, and Germany with not further annoying Putin.

In the Middle East, Israel and Iran can go after each other since no one is watching. Back home in Nigeria, Fulani expansionists aided by the Nigerian Army can resume their territorial conquests since no one is watching. The list of frozen conflicts about to be reheated and reactivated is endless.

The most pathetic sight was watching the United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres pleading with Russia not to invade Ukraine saying that enough people have already died in Ukraine and Russia War. The diplomats at the United Nations Security Council were still making speeches mostly condemning the planned Russian invasion, when Putin announced his unilateral war on Ukraine.

It has always been assumed to be a mere talking shop, but the United Nations has since been degraded into a funeral parlor where people scream, shout, and make noises, but cannot raise the dead.

Nations of the World should pay heed to the prophecy uttered by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, apparently a namesake of the Hitleric, despot Vladimir Putin (yes Ukrainians and Russians are cousins), as Russian rockets and missiles rained down on his country. He told World leaders, “if today you do not come to the aid of Ukrainians, tomorrow the war would be at your own doorsteps.”

Very prophetic words. He is right.

The world cannot afford to watch the carnage in Ukraine with arms akimbo. Nations of the world should close ranks and apply the squeeze, economically, politically, culturally, diplomatically, socially, sportingly, upon Russia.

World nations should explore all avenues to apply the squeeze on Putin’s Russia, thereby proving to him that rockets, missiles and bullets for the Russian Army in Ukraine do not translate to bread, milk, or pizza for the Russian people back at home. Not to mention salaries for the 200,000 soldiers he has deployed to conquer Ukraine.

Borrowing from an American retired general speaking on CNN, if Putin insists on swallowing Ukraine, the World should help turn Ukraine into a porcupine in his stomach.

We are watching, but nations of the world cannot afford to watch, they must act.

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