Spiritual influence of AAMA conference

As the 3-day AAMA 2022 of the Anglican Diocese of Owerri which kicked off last Friday ends today, Christian is happy with profound spiritual influence it will have on fathers, the homes, the church, communities and society at large.
That influence will certainly spread far beyond Owerri with its salutary effects that will bring about change for the better.
The value and importance of this perennial parley between our Bishop and fathers as elders of the church cannot be underrated. It is a needed intervention of the Bishop and his wife, especially now that families are passing through very trying times. Fathers need that moral and spiritual prop up.
Fathers’ roles in families have never been more demanding. For this reason, we commend the initiative for this conference at this time as apt and timely. The Bishop and his wife, for being this solid spiritual rallying point for fathers, must be commended. All must place special value on the initiative and as well take full advantage of it.
As a result of this conference, families will be more united; marriages more stable, children better brought up, the church and society more righteous. More people will be sensitive, accept and react positively to the WORD of God. Fathers as an organized group have been a strong pillar of strength for both the church and the society. Their gathering is a breakthrough for spiritual penetration. This conference recognizes the important role of fathers. It will encourage them to be greater Soldiers of the Cross.
We urge all the fathers at the conference to be ready to derive and imbibe all the moral, spiritual and secular lessons of the conference and take them home. They will pass all the lessons on to coming generation of fathers. The great idea of the conference would then be able to yield fruits of incalculable significance. The leaders of AAMA also deserve commendation for being tireless and result-oriented in their job.
We use this opportunity and occasion to welcome all participants – the delegates, organizers, facilitators and visiting lecturers to the conference. As well, when they rise and return, may the Almighty Father lead them home safely.

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