Obi sticker saves car owner money at mechanic shop

A mechanic in Edo State refused to collect money from a car owner after fixing her car because she is a supporter of Labour Party presidential candidate, Peter Obi. The lady had approached the mechanic when the car developed a fault, but he declined payment after working on it because he saw the poster of Obi.
The excited lady took to social media to do a video of the mechanic while he was still working on the car. She said in the video: “Good morning everyone, I brought my car to the car shop for the mechanic to fix, so he saw Peter Obi’s sticker on top of the car and he said because I am ‘OBIdient’ he is going to fix my car for free.
“Please I am going to put this mechanic workshop address, anybody in Benin, bring your car here, he is a good guy.”
Responding, the mechanic said: “Yes, we are ‘OBIdient’ worldwide.”

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