Why Nigerians should vote for me – Obi

Labour Party presidential candidate, Peter Obi has urged Nigerians not to vote for him based on ethnic or entitlement sentiments, but on the competence, he comes with. The former governor of Anambra state made this assertion during the presidential town hall series organized by Arise TV on Sunday, November 6.
In the buildup of the 2023 general elections, Obi maintained that he has the capacity to take Nigerians out its present dire situation, and on that basis, Nigerians should vote for him.
He affirmed that it is nobody’s turn but that of the youth and the women.
Obi said: “Do not vote for Peter Obi because I am from the South East, because I am a Christian, because I am an Igbo man, or because it is my turn. It is turn of Nigeria Youth and Women, It is nobody’s turn.
“I want you to vote for Peter Obi because I am qualified. Because I am competent. I know what I can do to put this country out of the brink.”
On how he would solve the security challenges of the country, Obi stressed the need to strengthen and revive the local vigilante system in the country and have them work together with the police.
He affirmed thus: “To provide for every community a vigilante system, that is working, provide them with vehicles, communication equipment, linking them to work with police.” The presidential candidate also slammed the incumbent government for lack of proactiveness and failure to adhere to intelligence in forestalling the Abuja-Kaduna train attack. ‘I’ll be in charge,’
The 2023 presidential candidate of the Labour Party explained the different roles and titles of the president and vice president of the country saying that the office of the president and the vice president are not the same.
The Labour Party’s flag bearer was responding to a question thrown at him by the spokesperson for the Peoples Democratic Party’s Presidential Campaign Council, Dino Melaye.
Melaye, a former lawmaker of the Eighth National Assembly asked Obi: “Do you as the presidential candidate of the Labour Party believe that the office of the president and the vice president is one and the same or they are different?”
In his response, Peter Obi said both offices work together according to the tenets of the constitution but are not the same. He also noted that the constitution allows some powers to be transitioned to the vice president, especially in cases where the president is unavailable or officially indisposed.
Obi’s words: “The office of the president and the office of the vice president is not the same, there is a commander-in-chief. The buck stops at somebody’s desk.

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