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God moves in a mysterious way…

This is not a sermon or preaching of any sort. I leave that to those who are trained to do it. It is only an expression of amazement at the way the choice of a new bishop for Owerri pleasantly turned out against all expectations. It is indeed mystery that the dark horse is our […]

Degrading the rule of law

When the president said that the rule of law can wait until national security has been established, it sounded like a travesty, distorting or debasing the place of the Judiciary as one of the arms of the government. And if it takes such a long time as has been the case for the issue of […]

Engage our potential agric resources now

By Dan Jacobs There is currently a disastrous slump in aggregate food and agricultural production in this eastern region. This is because the sector was and has continued to be neglected. But thankfully, governments of the South Eastern states seemed to have realized this when they recently rallied to a meeting on the issue. After […]

What urban renewal left of Owerri

I encouraged myself to go and see what is left of Owerri following the on-going urban renewal. I said I must write an article on it and pick out the gory details and facts that do not easily meet the eye.  I asked my self, when I returned from survey: has the renewal ended? I […]

Why do our governments not respond to issues?

The governments of the day at all levels in this country face many accusations of very serious acts of commission and omission to which they say nothing whatsoever. The issues affect debts owed to citizens as workers or contractors, lack of attention to decaying public utilities, poor services, safety, neglect of poor people with no […]

Nigeria’s wealth must reflect on its people

In a viable community, state, nation or country, one person’s money is everybody’s money. This is why governments want to oversee their people’s income, spending and movement of cash. This is how the issue of money laundering arises. One person’s property is everybody’s property. One person’s poverty is every body’s poverty. One person’s handicap is […]

Making heaven in the end

Imagine a young man or woman still in his or her twenties strolling into the church to worship and see this topic as the focus of worship.  Imagine a pulpit that is laden with messages of Jesus coming very soon.  I am afraid that this might not be what the people need at this time.  […]

My fears about the future

The thing that sustains life mainly is hope. And you ask yourself, where is the hope for Imo state of the future? I can’t yet see realistically the good material that will succeed Rochas Okorocha as governor. A vacuum cannot be there when he leaves. And not just anybody can be there. It must be […]

The frame of mind to write

It is not easy to achieve the correct frame of mind to write about or on Nigeria. Why? A writer wants the balance between the good and the bad. But almost persistently the bad is overwhelming and looming in your consciousness. As a Nigerian you cannot consider everything done after applying all resources to settle […]

Blackouts and family stability

When Tom and Clara woke up that morning, there was the NEPA bill sticking out at the gate. They had not had light for the past four days. That boiled unforgivably in the couple’s mind. They made a joke of it that as NEPA is untrustworthy so is the country that owns it. Trust this […]

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