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Scattering Seeds

I received a wonderful email from a woman who wrote, “Your mom was my first-grade teacher at Putnam City in 1958. She was a great teacher and very kind, but strict! She made us learn the 23rd Psalm and say it in front of the class, and I was horrified. But it was the only […]

When Igbos are walked out

After the order to Igbos to leave the north, then the apprehensions followed. The reactions are generally wild apprehensions. What might happen? Did they merely fly a kite to test the will and resolve of Igbos who believe in one Nigeria, or who may want to die for their property? I don’t pray that the […]

The benefits of trees (3)

People linger and shop longer when trees are present. A study suggests that communities with green and well wooded vegetation are often at peace.  More of violence seems to happen in desert regions than in well forested regions.  Could this explain why the Niger Delta region of Nigeria is getting more restive as a result […]

You’ll get through this

No one travels far down the road of life without discovering that this journey is not always smooth or perfect. We can pray and wish for safety on the way. We should enjoy the stretches of the ride when the sun shines and things go beautifully. We ought to thank God for the times when […]

The benefits of trees (2)

The ukwa or African breadfruit is one economic tree that will go extinct in Igboland due to rapid urbanization. It is used to prepare a lot of mouth watering delicacies that lovers of African dishes cannot overlook. It is smooth and delicious to the mouth and taste buds. I do not know much of its […]

The pleasure in madness

It helps to sometimes consider society as one person. That’s the only way we may understand the general madness in Nigeria. Things start happening and before you know it, it spreads everywhere like contagion. This happens more with things that pollute and corrupt. When you see one person going crazy on the street, the next […]

Our descent to self destruct (2)

It might have been  possible that in those days some people who worked in government poultry houses  sold eggs and poultry products.  Some of them might have gotten  them from the Government poultry at no cost; they stole them from the poultry, sold the products and pocketed the proceeds.  Government appointees will walk into any […]

Our long road to sanity

The whole country is a veritable junk yard. I must admit that Rochas is trying to clear the illegal structures along urban roads, especially in Owerri. Lagos in some parts is tolerable. Abuja is acceptable generally, but the suburbs, nko? You can’t go far from any Nigerian city before you begin to see junks; to […]

They that hate us

The feeling that someone hates you is most times based on wrong assumptions. You often hear “he hates me”. When you ask why he says so he tells you “he doesn’t talk to me”. Yes, he might neglect taking notice of you. Or he may even not have time to talk to you. There may […]

“Immediately Made Whole”

“Jesus saith unto him, Rise, take up thy bed, and walk. And immediately the man was made whole.” – John 5:8-9 There are 53 ” IMMEDIATELY” “INSTANTLY” “RIGHT AWAY” in the New Testament disclosed a certain preacher! The man in Today’s scripture might have said, “Why, I cannot rise. That is the very thing which […]