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Any constitutional violations in having an Igbo party?

By Ogu Bundu Nwadike This should not be the first time the reader is hearing about “Igbo party” or “Hausa party” or “Yoruba party”. But in case anybody is hearing it for the first time, then so it is. In Nigeria there is what is known as “Hausa party”, “Yoruba party” and more recently “Igbo […]

God can restore you ‘As the clay is in the potter’s hand, so are you in My hand.’ Jeremiah 18:6 NKJV

The prophet Jeremiah writes: ‘I went down to the potter’s house, and there he was, making something at the wheel. And the vessel that he made of clay was marred in the hand of the potter; so he made it again into another vessel, as it seemed good to the potter to make. Then the […]

Gay marriage and morality

By Macdonald Ogu Esq   In, recent times the glamorization and legalization of gay marriages have been on the upsurge in the developed world. It all started with the recognition of homosexuality as a socially acceptable lifestyle unlike in the past when it was viewed with revulsion by refined minds. Emboldened by this social acceptability, […]


The idea that President Barack Obama is a passionate and committed follower of Jesus Christ is a controversial subject in the US. Opponents point to the President’s change of heart over gay marriage, and other policy decisions, as evidence that his claims of faith are hollow, yet Obama repeatedly affirms his belief in Jesus. In […]

Marketing network backs down on ban on ‘Jesus’ and ‘Christ’

By Ruth Gledhil Marks & Spencer have dropped their ban on words such as “Christ” and “Jesus” when customers order flowers online. The retailer provoked criticism when it emerged that people making online orders could use words such as “jihad”, Buddha and Allah in accompanying messages, but “Christ” and “Jesus” were blocked. Marks & Spencer […]

Muslim predicts Jesus will defeat ISIS and extremists

Muslim predicts Jesus will defeat ISIS and extremists All right, it might not start until 2016, these things can be awfully hard to predict exactly. However, surprising as it may seem, one way or another the end of ISIS is in sight, and it’s all resting securely in the hands of Jesus, peace be upon […]

Abuse and misuse of religion By Sunny Ngwu

Put simply, religion is the belief by man in the existence of a supreme being responsible for his existence, directing his spiritual and material affairs. Man, therefore, holds such a supreme being in great awe and reverence strictly complying with its ordinances and laws as, in man’s belief, non-compliance could invoke the supreme being’s wrath […]

Prof Basil Fadipe’s ‘God particle’ and the limits of science

We must start this write up with a declaration that we are no scientist or technologists. We are just a run of the mill general intellectual inquirer. Our hobby is to intellectually attempt to study our almighty God, religion in all its ramifications and the theories and incidents which propel and motivate this side of […]

The Jos murderous conflict

Nigerians should pay a very close attention to the on-going mediation efforts of President Goodluck Jonathan on the Jos crisis. He has met with the representatives of both the Afizere, Anaguta and Berom, who are recognised as the indigenes of Jos, and the non-native Hausa-Fulani community. The president personally waded into the matter ostensibly on […]


It is a long settled matter among theologians, historians, social scientists and other inquiring minds that the culture of every nationality is supposed to be older than Christian religion. In our society, particularly in the Southern part ofNigeriawhere Christianity is seriously practiced, sometimes, there appears some doubts in some people’s minds as to how to […]

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