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Building Guest Houses for past governors?

Last week, Governor Rochas Okorocha announced  at an interactive forum with stake-holders from Isiala Mbano that he had built a guest house for their son, Chief Ikedi Ohakim (his predecessor) “in keeping with the provisions of the law”. He said he would also build similar guest houses for Chief Achike Udenwa  and other past governors […]

Boko Haram: Difficult choice for Christian leaders

There seems to be a split among Christian leaders in Nigeria over the approach to contain the Boko Haram carnage –either to seek revenge or to ‘leave vengeance to God’ The leaders who have openly appealed to Christians not to revenge predicate their stand on Christ’s charge to His followers not to revenge against persecution […]

That Dana Plane Crash

Last Sunday’s plane crash at the Iju – Ishaga area of Lagos State has uncovered many inadequacies and criminal neglect in air operation in the country. The McDonell Douglas MC83 aircraft was said to have been described as unfit for flying as a result of technical problems it suffered in the last four weeks. In […]

The Ekemele-Akabo death spot

With the intensification of the rains, a spot at the Ekemele Akabo on Owerri-Okigwe road has become a nightmare to commuters and motorists, prompting a save-our-soul outcry to the government. Barely one kilometer away from the main Orie Akabo market by Chab Oil fuel station, there is a big ditch across the road which has […]

Owelle’s one year in office

This week marks one year in office by the President and most governors of states in the federation. Precisely Tuesday, May 29, 2012. It is one year of stock-taking by all concerned, a year that witnessed various challenges against the authorities of the land: the mindless insurrection of Moslem fundamentalist sect better known as Boko […]

John Sentamu and Canterbury seat

Hush-hush diplomatic shuttles may have begun to scuttle the chances of an African to head the Anglican Communion worldwide as the retiring date of the incumbent, Dr Rowan Williams draws near. The choice of the African, John Sentamu (Archbishop of York) is hot on the scale. Horsetrading has indeed begun with the pros and cons […]


The reported ugly scene in a village over the killing of a snake and the violent reaction of the community, leaves a sour taste in the month. The community of Ivo inEbonyiStaterose in anger over the killing of a snake, regarded as their  ‘second god’, an idol of questionable existence and a shame to them […]


The alarming disclosure made recently by the Minister of Finance, Dr Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, on the depleting situation of the country’s Excess Crude Account (ECA), is sufficient signal to set our political leaders on edge. Addressing some leaders in the civil society, the Minister expressed shock that, as at the year 2006 the ECA stood at […]

Boko Haram attacks at Christian festivals

There is no masking the truth any further, that the ongoing apparently ‘unstopped’ genocidal drive of the sectarian Islamist group called Boko Haram, may have been a drumbeat for the  much- talked- about religious  war  meant to be staged by Moslems against their  perceived  unbelievers. This nation is  ingrained in the now widely known fact […]

Easter: Message of Christ’s resurrection

Today is Easter Day, another great occasion in church calendar celebrated in most parts of Christendom. It is celebrated in commemoration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ who was crucified for proclaiming Himself King of the Jews. The journey which terminates today (Easter Day) began last Friday (Good Friday) when he was nailed on the […]