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Stop the killings in Nigeria

When will the killings in Nigeria end? This is the question on the lips of all Nigerians. There is fear and alarm everywhere in the populace. This can never be an overstatement or an exaggeration right now. All newspapers are awash with reports of killings across the country. This is on a daily basis. And […]

Easter without salaries

Nobody has spoken out for Nigerian workers over this question of being sent home to spend Christmas and Easter without being paid their wages year after year. Luckily this year, fuel was available for moving around during Easter. Otherwise in the past few years the impression was gaining ground that Christian festivals are a special […]

The Christian amazon of Yobe

Little girl, Leah Sharibu was one of the 113 abducted Dapchi girls. She refused bluntly to convert to Islam from Christianity and for that was held back when others were freed from boko haram captivity. The freeing of the girls was a deal between Federal Government  negotiators and the terrorists, we were told. And we […]

The food alarm by bishops

Anglican Bishops in the Ecclesiastical Province of Owerri have raised a timely alarm on a food crisis which is not imminent but already here. This shows their sensitivity to the people’s welfare and their plight as well. This is how it should be. It is very commendable. We stand firm behind this important reminder that […]

Our public transport bedlam

It is a nightmare to think of going to make use of public transportation in today’s Owerri city. This is what urban renewal in Imo state has left behind, together with a host of other avoidable, intractable problems. Owerri now is virtually in a hurry to be the most backward city in public transportation. It […]

Give us peaceful election

After all said and done, what Nigeria should be aiming for is a peaceful election. If the coming election ends in bloodshed and catastrophe, it would not have been worth the while. Anything that would deviate from a peaceful end of the election must be avoided. The people of this country value peace more than […]

The flaw with elections

The choice of the next true leaders of the country will be a formidable task indeed. This is so because any mistake about it will spell doom for the Nigerian state and its entire people. It will affect our future and can stunt our growth in the long term. There is a lot of rubbish […]

Herdsmen as masquerades

On the surface, militant killers in northern Nigeria have never been given their true names. Nigerians have always suspected, but are afraid to say that they are given false names to cover their true criminal selves and intentions. The whole system reeks of deception, deception made practically a national way of life. The populace has […]

Give Imo more taxis, buses

The availability of cars and buses for transporting members of the public is still very poor. This should have been envisaged before tricycles were ordered off the roads towards the end of last year. To aggravate this trauma of the people, the scarcity of fuel has increased cost of the product as well as cost […]


The president came to power with an unconvincing and doubtful promise to wipe out boko haram from the face of the Nigerian earth, and end the war with them as soon as possible. But that has not happened. We massively deployed there with the un-equivocal support of the world’s super-powers. But the insurgent group seems […]