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Nigerians and 2019 polls

The  din and clatter of politics and politicking in recent months have so overwhelmed the polity that  the ordinary citizen appears to be peripheral and out of reckoning. And yet “we the people…” are the raisons d’etre of all affairs of the state and activities aimed at gaining political power. How ready and prepared are […]

Governance on hold for election 2019?

Governance appears to have been consigned to the back burner as politics – raw politics – is elevated to the highest level of the administration of our dear nation. From the Presidency at the centre to the office of the local council chairman at the grassroots, it has been a monotonous chorus of defections to, […]

Women in Imo politics

The involvement of women in Imo politics is nothing to write home about. In a situation where it seems the male governors are the problems rather than the solutions every now and then, a female governor for Imo state could be an option to provide the answer this time around. It is worth trying. But […]

What’s the future of Imo State?

Imo State is a place where bickering and squabbles have taken the centre stage between the government and the governed and also within the government itself for a long time. This makes us wonder if the future is of concern to our people any longer. However we remind our people that internal strife, power struggle […]

Election issues are still remote

Despite the clamor for voters to get their voter’s cards, there are no issues yet on the front burner on which to base decisions on how to vote. Neither are there clear choices among the candidates in the frontline to be voted for. What we have is a blurred array of people whose eligibility is […]

Don’t let herdsmen killers come here

The activities of so-called herdsmen must not take us unawares in this state. The plans of the government of Imo state for protecting the state from the menace of so-called herdsmen should by now have been in place as is the case in some other states that have outlawed free or open cattle grazing in […]


Somebody was telling me that politicians will not be allowed to produce the next governor of Imo state. He said the ‘non-political sector’ will. I told him that will be desirable, but I don’t know how it will be possible. I don’t know how he came to that blanket condemnation of politicians and calling for […]

Shameful congresses

The just concluded APC ward Congresses can only be a regrettable pointer to what Nigerians will expect from next year’s general elections. It is scary. It gives no hope for an election that will be conclusive and peaceful. Reportedly, they were marked by use of filthy lucre to prevent the true leaders wanted by the […]

Oil at $80 per barrel

How does Nigeria receive the news of the rise in crude oil price to $80? It calls for a national celebration, doesn’t it? But the good news has not made any difference to anybody yet. Nobody seems excited by it. When the oil price dropped dramatically to below $30, it forced the country into biting […]

Destroying livelihoods with urban renewal

The on-going urban renewal has gory human side-effects that are far too horrendous to mention. One can call it atrocious without being wide off the mark. It has ruined many lives so far. The attendant suffering is inexcusable, just as it is unnecessary. However, let’s make clear that renewal is a welcome thing any day, […]