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Importance of Pentecost in an age of fear and division

By Andy Walton It’s becoming a familiar argument… Christmas has been commercialised beyond all recognition. Easter is going the same way. So the church needs to take them back! I’m not really convinced. Of course a lot of the meaning of Christmas and Easter has been lost but many of us still in churches still […]

The fuel of the Christian life

By Matt Moore Have you ever been just kind of blah about God? You know, had times where you’ve been walking pretty faithfully (no “big” unrepentant sin in your life), but for some reason or another, you just feel dull toward Jesus? In these moments, it’s not that you don’t believe — you do. But […]

Faith in action -(Exodus 2:3)

Today’s story tells of a mother, unknown by name to the majority of people, whose son was undoubtedly one of the greatest emancipators of all history: Moses. His mother’s name was Jochebed (Exodus 6:20). Could she have known, that day she committed her three-month-old baby boy to the banks of the Nile (river of death […]

10 tips for talking about Jesus

By Simon Edwards 1. Be intentional. Learn how to be intentional in your relationships, and think: How can I help this conversation to go deeper to a more spiritual conversation? 2. Ask questions. Here are some suggestions: What gets you through hard times? Do you ever pray? What are your hopes for the future? What’s […]

Terrorist transformed by the Gospel

By Jim Denison Osama was a Muslim fundamentalist working with Jabhat al-Nusra, often called “al-Qaeda of Syria.” A Christian began sharing the gospel with him. In time, Osama came to Christ. He was then seized and brutally tortured by the terror group he once served. My friend Tom Doyle tells us what happened next. The […]

No reason to doubt……“Look we for another?” Luke 7:19.

with Moma-Enkay John the Baptist did not doubt the messiahship of Jesus that day at the River Jordan when the radiant dove from the cloven Heavens descended upon Him and the Father’s voice was heard in loving approval—“ This is my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased…” Nor did he doubt in any […]


@ Our Daily Bread With Moma-Enkay Yet I am among you as the one who serves. V.27 I am nobody’s servant!” I cried out. That morning the demands of my family seemed too much as I frantically helped to find my husband’s blue tie, while feeding the crying baby and recovering the lost toy from […]

Five things I have learned about the path to holiness

Holiness is one of those ‘tricky’ Christian words isn’t it? We know that we are holy in God’s eyes because of Jesus, but we also know that we are called to live holy lives. So why do many of us feel confused or condemned when we think about holiness? We can get ourselves tied up […]

God will give you success “They forgot what he had done, the wonders he had shown them… miracles in the sight of the ancestors” “Ps 78:11.

With Moma-Enkay How often in the desert they had spurred him, tried His patience in those wilderness years,! Time and again they pushed Him to the limit, provoked Israel’s Holy God. How quickly they forgot what He haddone, forgot their days of rescue from the enemy (Ps 38: 28ff) Researchers conducted an experiment in which […]


With Moma-Enkay ‘I will sing to the Lord for He has triumphed gloriously…’ The Lord is my strength and song … my salvation. Ex 15: 1 – 21. Moses’s song after the Israelites had passed through the Red Sea and were delivered from the pursuing Egyptians has two perspectives: (1)       LOOKING BACK AND (2)       LOOKING […]

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