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What the Lord requires from us By Rev Nwachukwu Thomas

God has a purpose for creating us. He has expectations from His children in all spheres of life. It is only and only when we faithfully fulfill such requirements that we have kept our commitments, and qualify for the accompanying blessings. God requires that as a husband, you remain faithful to your wife and love […]

Can God be trusted? Courtesy: Nigerianeye.com

This is the season when the merchants of God tell tall tales about him. They tell us to trust God for all kinds of things this New Year. They tell us God will buy us cars; he will build us houses; he will even buy our pastors jets so they can evangelise and save the […]

Can we stop being wicked? By Barr. E.T.C. Ogbusu, KSC emmaogbusu@yahoo.co.uk Phone: 08033804125

I want to welcome all my readers back to this year and this column. We thank God for journey mercies and for life. I pray that as we follow, and worship Him this year in truth and in spirit, He provides the necessary lamb with which we shall sacrifice unto Him. Amen! I really do […]

REMEMBER! By Barr. E.T.C Ogbusu, KSC

On one occasion, in this column, we discussed the topic “One Day”. It was an inscription I saw on an ambulance vehicle. I said that the inscription was a clear message that one day, everyone would die and may also be conveyed home, speechless, in an ambulance vehicle. It was an apt reminder that one […]


What He says He will do, that is what He will do! And a song writer says “That is why He is called Jehovah!” Last week, I made the point on this column that “Jehovah Has The Final Say”. Yes, He has! He has the final say in whatever concerns us. Whatever He says He […]

Jehovah has the final say! By Barr. E.T.C. Ogbusu, KSC

I hate to see people talk, behave and generally carry themselves as if they have the final say over every matter. They behave as if this world belongs to them, despite the fact that none of us was there when the world was being created and that human beings were the last to be created, […]

PREPARE FOR WAR! By Barr. E.T.C. Ogbusu, KSC

The word of the Lord came to Joel the prophet saying to the nations, “Prepare for war! Wake up the mighty men, let all the men of war draw near, let them come up!” (Joel 3:9). I hear the drums of war! The more I cover my ears with my hands, the more I hear […]

Where is Sarah your wife? By Barr. E.T.C. Ogbusu, KSC

Every time, I feel like talking about Abraham. There are so many reasons for that. You know, our people say, “Anyone whose name is mentioned all the time has something special which he or she does”. This is exactly the way it is for Abraham. When you are talking of faith, he is reputed to […]


Recently, I listened with great pains in my heart as two men spoke about their kinsman who worked in a government’s finance office but retired without a house of his own. One of the men actually thought that their kinsman in question was a disgrace to himself and should actually be banished from their town. […]


Last week, Nigeria celebrated her independence. That was specifically on 1st October, 2012. By that, it means Nigeria is fifty two years old. Any human being who is fifty two years old can be properly said to have come of age. After all, it is said that “Life begins at 40 (forty)” However, most of […]

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