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“Why I will not retire to the village”

With Rev. Canon Chinemerem Uche Dear Pastor, I heard you advising your parishioners to think about home because that is where we will eventually retire to after living in the urban. You spoke so passionately about this as if those of us who have chosen to live all our lives in the city are fools […]


For He Himself knew what was in human nature (John 2:25) Our expectations of others often set us up for disappointment. “Are you saying I shouldn’t expect anything of them?” No, you should expect the best and encourage it, but never forget that they are just people. So while expecting the best, be prepared to […]

Community leader counsels politicians on 2015 election By Gid Ahanonu

A community leader and the immediate past President General of Owerri Community Assembly (OCA) Chief (Dr) Christian Owenya Anukam (Agbawo-Dike Izu) has warned all the political parties in the state against imposition of candidates with the 2015 election for Owerri Municipal Council. Chief Oweaya gave this warning recently in Owerri while addressing APGA Chieftains and […]

HE NEVER FAILS With Moma-Enkay

Jesus answered, “Faithless and perverse generation! How long will I be with you? How long will I bear with you? Bring Him here to me”. –Matthew 17:17. As parents, when we have done all we can to make our children true and upright in their character, and have failed, we can take them to JESUS. […]

WAITING FOR THE PERFECT MOMENT I will remain quiet and will look on from my dwelling place. (Isaiah 18:4) With Moma-Enkay

In this passage, Assyria is marching against Ethiopia, whose people are described as “tall and smooth-skinned” (verse 2). As the army advances, God makes no effort to stop them, and it appears as though they will be allowed to do as they wish. The Lord is watching from His “dwelling place” while the sun continues […]

GOD WILL ALWAYS LEAD YOU The ark of the covenant of the LORD went before them. (Numbers 10:33) With Moma-Enkay

God sometimes does influence us with a simple touch or feeling, but not so we would act on the feeling. If the touch is from Him, He will then provide sufficient evidence to confirm it beyond the slightest doubt. Consider the beautiful story of Jeremiah, when he felt God leading him to purchase the field […]

A WORD TO SINGLES With Moma-Enkay Commit everything…to the Lord… and He will help you Ps. 37:5.

When you meet that “someone special”, here are 5 questions you should consider: 1. Is the relationship based on honesty? The Bible speaks about, “Telling each other the truth” (Eph. 4:25). Relationships thrive on openness and trust. When deceit creeps in, it’s time to get truthful in a hurry, or call it quits. 2. Can […]


With Rev Canon Chinemerem Uche Yes, it is true that there is a lot of growing concern about the negative impact of climate change and increase in human population. This, if well harnessed, can be utilized to create jobs and in turn also help stop the negative effect of climate change. As human populations increase, […]


With Rev. Canon Chinemerem Uche I was being given a ride by a friend. I asked him of the constant noise behind his car and he replied, “Don’t mind that noise; there are certain things in my vehicle that I don’t bother repairing. This noise will go by itself, by the time I bump through […]


With Rev. Canon Chinemerem Uche The differences between working for money and working for honour As a person in love with bringing succor to the less privileged, the Consultant physician as part of the activities of his NGO organized a medical outreach for some rural communities. He took along with him some student doctors who […]

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