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Bishop Maduwike condemns land grabbing … As Ikeduru ACFF, AMF end joint conference

Bishop of Ikeduru, Rt Rev. Emmanuel Maduwike, has condemned the forceful acquisition of people’s lands by the authorities under the guise of state ownership only to convert them into private use eventually. The bishop was addressing the first general conference of the Anglican Christian Fathers Fellowship (ACFF) and Anglican Men’s Fellowship (AMF) of the Diocese […]

Bishop Cyril Okorocha of Owerri confers with the Chancellor of Egbu Diocese, Rtd Justice Benjamin Njemanze at the meeting. Right is Bishop Chamberlain Ogunedo of Mbaise.

(R-L) Most Rev Dr Any Maduoma, Most Rev. B.C.I. Okoro, Rt Rev. Onuoha at the meeting.

(R-L) Most Rev Dr Any Maduoma, Most Rev. B.C.I. Okoro, Rt Rev. Onuoha at the meeting.

The Alvan controversy

By Rich Odu   What is unheard of in the annals of tertiary education in Nigeria played up at Alvan Ikoku Federal University of Education, Owerri, recently. Three months into its existence as a university, rumours circulated that the university had been reverted to the college of education that it used to be. Angst took […]

APC: wrong prescription for South East?

By Nnamdi Nwigwe   With the settlement of the office-sharing brouhaha in the Federal House of Representatives, there is now peace at the “Western Front!” Spokesmen of the All Progressives Congress, APC, particularly those from West of the Niger, are jubilating over their Pyrrhic victory of knocking out the South-East geo-political zone completely from being […]

The evil that some men do With Rev. Canon Chinemerem Uche

The standards and rules of living seem to be set by men especially in countries like Nigeria. Some men feel the woman is not entitled to know their income or salary. Some men go as far as making their next of kin their brother or an uncle even while the wife is alive. Some hardly […]

Imo Newspapers ex-staff: rescue the perishing, care for the dying with DANN JACOBS

The Rescue Mission government is hoping, no doubt, for a smooth ride back to power in next year’s election. But it will not count on the votes of the languishing ex-workers of Imo Newspapers, their dependants, communities and well-wishers. For whatever that group of voters is worth, it will be a sure turbulent storm in […]

Nigeria: Lessons from Ebola disease By Sunny Ngwu

For once, Nigeria has become the toast of the entire world which has unreservedly been impressed by the effective promptitude with which the health authorities dealt with the mortally ravenous Ebola disease when it strayed into Nigeria through a Liberian/American, Patrick Sawyer who died in Lagos. When the disease was first reported in the contiguous, […]

Archbishop Chukwuma urges clergymen to preach the truth … As Ven Ezeabii marks silver jubilee in priesthood

His Grace, The Most Revd. Dr E.O.Chukwuma, OON, Archbishop of Enugu Ecclesiastical Province and Bishop of Enugu Diocese has advised Ven. Ginikanwa B. Ezeabii and other priests to always speak the truth as preachers and apostles. He made the admonition in his sermon during the silver jubilee ordination thanksgiving service of Ven Ginikanwa Ezeabii (JP). […]

A Lamentation for Ezeonyeagwalam With Rev Canon Chinemerem Uche

The Ezeonyeagwalam might be a politician, a chief executive of a company, a religious leader, a natural ruler or even a school prefect. The Ezeonyeagwalams represents leaders who rule the people with impunity, not minding their right to freedom and liberty. Here goes a lamentation for him: The khaki boys took us captive with the […]

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