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We have too much prayer for Nigeria but little work for God -Rev Fr. Stan Chu Ilo

Every Nigerian, both at home and abroad, will agree that this is not the kind of Nigeria we want. We all may not belong to the same religion; we all may not belong to the same party, we all may not belong to the same ethnic group or identify with the same ideology or worldview, […]

The Politics of Unity

Unity is not necessarily a bad idea, for this country. But currently, Jonathan’s pretences, assumptions and politics about it are sounding like feeding post-graduate students with elementary school knowledge. Many people’s lives have been ruined by this very idea. Many more, I am afraid, will be ruined still while his politics about unity continues. This […]

Why Christians must say ‘no’ to ‘Indian Hemp’

Amid efforts being taken in many U.S. states to legalize the recreational use of marijuana, theologian John Piper offers at least two biblical reasons why Christians should stay away from the “mood-altering, mind-altering” drug. Marijuana is often compared with caffeine, but there’s a difference, says Piper on the blog on the Desiring God ministry website. […]

Chairmanship aspirant to industrialise Nkwerre

The chairmanship aspirant to Nkwerre Local Government under the platform of All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA), Chief Chibuike Mac-Anthony Ahamefule, has promised to industrialize the Local government if elected. Ahamefule who spoke to Christian Voice recently said that he would also offer free medical services to the people. Nze Ahamefule, Odigonma of Owerre Nkwoji, recalled […]

FAITH Life in the World By Nzekwe Augustine

Life is the most vital content of human existence, it is important that we guide it with utmost carefulness while we still have it. It is also very important that we care about where it continues when we lose it here on earth. Everything that we need to ensure that we have quality life is […]

Owelle: Objective criticism can benefit Imo State by Chus Osuji

It is an acknowledged fact that in any community of people, no matter how good  their government, there cannot be meaningful development without peace. Because, according to Philip Osborn, a social crusader, “peace, stability and tranquility must be basic for democratic principles to apply. And unless there is discernable rule of law, development which is […]

Another factor which helps to hamper police effectiveness is bribery and corruption. It is generally believed that there is a high level of corruption in the police. This corruption could be seen in the promotion of policemen and women. Some well-qualified are often overlooked in promotion and in posting them to  more “lucrative spots”. Some […]

He who hates his brother is a murderer

The word ‘hatred’ is inversely proportional to love and exists only in dictionary of the ‘ungodly’. It is a total abhorrence of a person on another. This fact makes a lot of people to extremely revile their brother and engage in disgust against such a one. as a group, they takes every orientation, counsel, message, […]

Nigeria Police: The most misunderstood

Ordinarily, I have no business going to the police barrack for any reason. For one thing, I belong to the older generation that keeps the law, obeys the law and respects the law. Besides, I have a personal principle never in life to bail anybody out of police cell or police matter. And very fortunately, […]

Imo CAN boss calls for ban on rickety planes

The chairman of the Imo State Chapter of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Pastor Cosmas Ilechukwu, has called for immediate stock-taking of all air lines operating in the Nigerian air space in order to flush out what he termed “flying coffins”.   Speaking to Christian Voice in his office last Tuesday in reaction to […]

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