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How Owerri Zone can clinch 2019 guber

By Ken Igwe Despite serious complaints that it has been marginalized in the power alchemy of Imo State, Owerri Zone (Imo East Senatorial Zone) has lacked a coordinated effort to produce the governor of the state. And this anomaly has been the prevalent factor that has denied it the number one seat of the state […]

President Buhari’s change agenda

 By Emeka Asinugo, KSC Not too long ago, the National Leader of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu pleaded with Nigerians to allow President Buhari use his first 100 days in office as his “honeymoon” period, to study the state of affairs in the country before executing his “change agenda”. And […]

Kwashiokor in IDPcamps: shame of a nation

By Nnamdi Nwigwe Recent reports of hunger and starvation,  emanating from the temporary government-provided abodes of victims of violence in the Boko Haram-infested areas of the North-East region, are disgusting.  Television footages with horrifying graphics from the Internally Displaced Persons, (IDP’s) Camps, reinforce the fact and the truth of the pathetic state of affairs in […]

Better response to violence is force

By Nnamdi Nwigwe The Nigeria nation ought to have a monopoly of force which she can routinely deploy to confront those who challenge the corporate integrity of Nigeria. Easily among enemies of the State who deserve a sledge hammer response are those who, without provocation,  employ violence on the citizenry or on vital organs of […]

What Cameron fantastically forgot

By Rich Odu David Cameron, the British Prime Minister, found himself in the dock before the Nigerian court of public opinion, recently, for what he was quoted as saying at the global conference on corruption in London. Indeed, Nigerians wanted his head for breakfast when news came that Cameron described the nation as “fantastically corrupt.” […]

The implosion in the PDP

By Dann Jocobs What is happening in the PDF must be understood before ft can be stopped. PDF currently suffers implosion. That’s why it is unable to hold its party Congresses and Conventions, no matter how much it tries. It is the same difficulty the country is having in uniting. The movement is too large […]

Ingratitude to fathers

By Sunny Ngwu Recently, the Fathers’ Sunday was celebrated in the Catholic Diocese of Owerri on an abysmally low-key note. One of the Parish Priests in the diocese, according to reports, could not hide his disgust with the general apathy exhibited by the members of his congregation highlighted by the failure of the choir to […]

Why I support public grazing reserves that responsible herders can rent

By Perry Brimah, Dr. Long before Buhari came into power, many of us have thoroughly discussed and debated on the issue of grazing reserves as previous administrations considered its institution. I believe strongly in protected grazing reserves and contiguous wildlife and nomadic and pastural routes across Nigeria. I do not wish for my country to […]

How to counter ISIS evil plans

By Lorraine Varela What does it mean to release the authority and power of heaven? Does God need your prayers, or does He act as He pleases? Does evil have free rein to exert influence over people, or can your intercession affect its impact on the hearts of others? And if prayers spoken in agreement […]

Why we should worry about Nigeria

By Tayo Elegbed Jet If recent reports from Nigeria’s data powerhouse, National Bureau of Statistics, have much to glean from, then, the assertions of a dead economic nation might hold true, a glaring reason you should be worried about Nigeria. This is certainly not the best of season for the Nigeria’s economic profile and citizen’s […]